The Kuehn Charitable Foundation (formerly known as the Keen Charitable Foundation) was created by Robert H. Kuehn, Jr. in December, 1999, as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Mr. Kuehn died in June, 2006, and left the majority of his estate to the Foundation. Robert L. Green and Daniel A. Taylor serve as trustees of the Foundation.

Mr. Kuehn had a lifetime interest in transforming historic buildings into mixed income housing. For more information on Mr. Kuehn please see here. The later years of his life were spent working with others through the Community Preservation Coalition to gain implementation throughout Massachusetts of the Community Preservation Act signed into law in 2000. That law, now adopted by over 150 communities throughout Massachusetts, assures these communities of a stream of local and state funding to promote historic preservation, open space preservation and affordable housing in their communities.

The Foundation focuses its efforts on community preservation in Massachusetts by supporting affordable housing and historic and open space preservation. One of its primary activities is the Kuehn Fellows Program.