Housing Navigator

A New Online Search Tool for Massachusetts Affordable Housing

Good information drives good choices.  Few choices are as important as where to live.

For some, a few clicks deliver attractive photos of housing near school, work or family, updates on openings, and 360-degree videos of interiors and amenities.

For low and moderate income households in Massachusetts, it’s a whole different world, as if twenty years of technological progress didn’t happen. There is no reliable, centralized, information-rich source—online or otherwise– for the most basic affordable housing search.

The housing information gap for those with means and those without is only growing wider…isn’t it time to close the gap?

Kuehn Charitable Foundation is partnering with CHAPA and dozens of stakeholders–funding agencies, tenant advocates, property owners and local government–on the Housing Navigator, an effort to bridge the digital divide and ease the process of finding and applying for affordable housing.

Following focus groups and review of similar efforts nationally, software developer Green River assessed what it would take to build and sustain the Navigator.  Find the report HERE . You can also watch a presentation– loaded with information and graphics on what we’ve learned and what we hope is in store for the Housing Navigator –via the link HERE

Panel Photo
Amy Stitely (DHCD), Sue Speakman-Gomez (Housing Link), Lanaii Tolentino (Metro Boston), Zeila Chicoma (Winn) and Jennifer Gilbert (KCF) at Future of Housing Search forum

In January, 2019, KCF, CHAPA and The Boston Foundation jointly sponsored “The Future of Housing Search” forum. Over 200 attendees learned about models from Minnesota’s Housing Link and locally.

Look out for updates here or get in touch via the contact page on this website for more information.