Sharone Small, 2017
Fellowship: Urban Edge
Graduate School: Rutgers
Post Fellowship: Sharone took a position with host Urban Edge post-Fellowship.
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Please tell us a little about your background and what drove you to apply to be a Kuehn Fellow.

When I began my master’s degree at the Rutgers Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy in 2015, I hoped to eventually work in affordable housing development. The Kuehn Fellowship offered the unique opportunity to gain experience in development while learning from a network of mentors and peers.

Now at your host organization, what are you working on?

I am acting as the project manager for Holtzer Park, a new 62 unit building in predevelopment. Also known as Building C, Holtzer Park is part of the redevelopment at 125 Amory Street, which Urban Edge is undertaking with The Community Builders and JPNDC.

What has been a favorite project, accomplishment or learning so far?

Watching our development move through the permitting process has been a great experience. Between Article 80 community meetings and multiple trips to the Inspectional Services Department, I have learned so much about public approvals and the complexities of multi-phase projects.

What do you hope to learn and experience by the Fellowship’s end?

By the Fellowship’s end, I hope to understand how a project manager guides a project through all phases of development, from conception to completion.

Anything else you’d like to add about your experience as a Kuehn Fellow?

Since Holtzer Park is part of the sitewide redevelopment at 125 Amory Street, I get to work with Juan Torres at The Community Builders. The opportunity to collaborate and share information with my fellow Fellow has been an added bonus!

Small, Sharone