Kuehn Fellowship


While often noted for its innovation around affordable housing production and policy, the Greater Boston area consistently ranks among the five most expensive housing markets in the United States.  The Kuehn Fellowship strives to inspire and equip men and women early in their careers to take on this challenge.

The two-year fellowship invests in talent, offering real-world experience in maintaining and producing affordable housing.  With strong supervision from well-vetted host organizations, Fellows are quickly immersed in each piece of the process and puzzle—fostering community engagement, guiding design and construction, managing a team, finding and aligning funding sources.  The program encourages the best launch possible for Fellows through mentors, monthly meetings, the cohort network, and the availability of KCF staff.

The 2019 Kuehn Fellows are Juwanna Brown, Sharon Cho, Caitlin Coppinger, Elizabeth Haney, Eleni Macrakis and Megan Slavish.

Our 2021 Fellowship process will start with applications for host organizations in November, 2020.  Hosts will be determined by mid-December, 2020. The process will open for individual applications to the Fellowship no later than January 15, 2021 with an anticipated submission deadline of February 12, 2021.  Selection will occur by March, 2021. Fellows will start placements in early July, 2021.

Our FAQ describes the Fellowship and is meant to give an overview of our typical process.  Please note check this site regularly for updates.

Revised on 1/24/2021

Key Fellowship Benefits

  • Two-year salaried project management position with vetted nonprofit affordable housing organization located in Massachusetts
  • Hands-on experience working with committed supervisors on active projects
  • Access to an experienced mentor as well as the Fellowship staff, cohort, and alumni network
  • Professional development stipend for courses and/or membership fees
  • Monthly gatherings sponsored by the Foundation to share experiences, build skills, and learn more
  • Participation in making the Fellows’ Gift, a contribution made at the end of the Fellowship to an area nonprofit of the Fellows’ choosing

Monthly Gatherings

Day to day, Kuehn Fellows get hands-on experience.  Once a month, Fellows come together to take a step back.  Alongside building core skills like reading construction documents and running an effective meeting, Fellows get a chance to discuss bigger questions of practice and policy.  Warm months take us outside for building and neighborhood walking tours. Topics from past months include:

  • Getting the Best Design and Reading Construction Documents
  • Ask the Underwriter: How Does Your Lender/Investor Look at Your Project?
  • Whose Significance: Online Discussion after asynchronous Malcolm & Martin tour of Boston
  • Walking Tour on the History of Boston’s Multifamily Housing: From Triple-Deckers to Public Housing Redevelopment
  • Cost Drivers in Construction and Value Management
  • Tax Policy:  Understanding Massachusetts Tax Policy and its Effect on Housing
  • Economic Development in Emerging Markets

Fellows Gifts

As the culmination of two years together, Kuehn Fellows have an unusual opportunity to make an impact collectively, directing a gift from the Foundation to a nonprofit they select.

The 2015 Fellows prioritized the issue area of financial readiness and asset-building for low-income households.  After a several-month process collaborating to identify and screen potential grantees, the Fellows chose Family Independence Initiative. FII asks “Why make poverty tolerable, when we can make it escapable?” and seeks to change the resource gap for low-income families by partnering with, learning from, and investing directly in families. www.fii.org

KCF was pleased to make a donation of $20,000 at the direction of the 2015 Fellows to FII.

The 2017 Kuehn Fellows focused on the hardest-to-house and made their gift to ROCA based in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

See more Fellows Gifts.

Becoming a Fellow

Becoming a Kuehn Fellow or host organization is competitive. Every two years, we set in motion our application process with selection by the staff and trustees, advised by an expert panel.

The process for selecting the next Fellow cohort will begin in early 2021 for a summer, 2021 start.  Details, including any changes to the program for 2021 and the process will be publicized broadly. The KCF website will always hold the most current information. Please check back here frequently for full details.