The Kuehn Charitable Foundation follows a policy and practice of non-discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. The Foundation applies this policy and practice to the selection of Kuehn Fellows and to the organizations that host Kuehn Fellows.


If you apply to be a Kuehn Fellow, you may provide the Kuehn Charitable Foundation information that is subject to legal requirements on its use or redistribution. If you are selected for a fellowship, you may subsequently provide information related to your fellowship to the Foundation.

In considering your application, the Foundation will share the information you provide with its advisory committee and organizations that have indicated an interest in hosting a Fellow as part of the matching process. When you submit your application and other materials you authorize the Foundation to share your materials for these purposes. Organizations involved in the fellowship matching process may also use the information to contact references or conduct a background check. The Foundation may conduct surveys, studies and assessments regarding the fellowships, and you grant the Foundation permission to publicize aggregate data derived from these sources. Finally, your participation as a Kuehn Fellow with your host organization will be publicized by the Foundation including use of images of you.

The Foundation will not sell or otherwise share your data with third parties for direct marketing purposes. It will exercise appropriate precautions to keep your data secure while in our possession. It encourages, but cannot guarantee, adherence to these privacy policies on the part of organizations participating in the Kuehn Fellows program.

To contact the Foundation about your data please send an email to trustees@kuehncharitable.org from the same email address you used to apply.